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Real Estate Tips


Presentation is everything today when selling. Turning on the lights when showing your home is a must for prospective buyers.

Lighting fixtures illuminate our treasured objects and highlights colors, as well as mood and performance. Interior lighting plays a huge role in the attractiveness to a buyer.

“When we list homes it always surprises us how many bulbs in a home are burnt out or switches are not functioning” says The Maneri Beck Team

For all showings, brighten-up your home by making sure that all light bulbs work and that all switches are functional and switch plates and clean.

Simple aesthetic improvements such as these help in the whole presentation of your home for the buyer.


If you’re planning to sell your home, one of the easiest and most cost-effective way to increase it’s value is paint.

“Paint has the biggest bang for your buck. Paint guarantees a big return.” says the Maneri-Beck Team.

First Impressions means everything to a buyer. As a seller, you want that buyer to have a good, fresh feeling when entering your home. Utilizing today’s paint color (with white trim) creates an immediate favorable first impression for a buyer and alleviates the buyers concern on the cost of a new paint job.

Buyers do not want a house that is “shabby”. Neutral colors make it easier for the buyers to imagine themseleves in the space. The Maneri-Beck Team suggest neutral tones. Using the new “greige” colors (blend of beige and gray) are the market trend colors for today’s homes. Speak with your local paint store or ask The Maneri-Beck Team to suggest a few colors for you.


We cannot stress enough that presentation is everything today when selling. Power washing is a simple, inexpensive way to spruce up the exterior of your home.

We should be doing this twice a year. It makes the world of difference in the look of your home and removes mold and mildew build up!

“Best time of year to power wash is in the Spring You can always rent or buy a power washer or hire a professional.” says The Maneri-Beck Team

In addition to cleaning the exterior of your home, power washing is also excellent for decks, railings, wood and vinyl fences, asphalt and concrete pool surround and patio furniture.

Simple aesthetic improvements such as this help in the whole presentation of your home for the buyer.


If you’re planning to sell your home, please think of making the investment to remove dated wallpaper. This is one task that is worth doing. Most buyers in today’s market want crisp and clean rooms and will not appreciate your wallpaper choice nor will they want to do the work to remove the paper.

“One of our most asked question from a seller is should we remove the wallpaper? Our answer 95% of the time is yes as wallpaper is a highly personalized taste.” says The Maneri-Beck Team

As a seller, offering a credit to a buyer to remove the wallpaper is not in your best interest. Wallpaper will make your home less attractive to the buyer and harder to sell. You may find a buyer who is not “afraid” of wallpaper however, the odds of that happening are extremely slim. Most homes will benefit from removing the wallpaper and painting with neutral tones.


If you have not yet received any written offers after six to ten showings, you should consider that pricing is the factor and a price adjustment is needed.

“If your house is priced right, it will sell, regardless of it’s condition.” says The Maneri-Beck Team

The most effective way to determine a list price is the sold homes in the area. Not the active listings.

Today’s buyers have access to enough information via websites, apps and online home valuation tools to know what a home is worth before they come to view it.